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Goldn helps cosmetic creators find, collaborate, and develop new products with suppliers across the value chain -- working through all phases of cosmetic product development so they can get products to market fast. Goldn’s growing team of top-level engineers, product managers, and domain experts are working to change formula-based and chemical industries by creating best-in-class technology that is simple and delightful to use.

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Our mission is to offer the simplest, most collaborative product building platform for formulation-driven industries.

Product Builder:

Goldn’s Product Builder guides product creators through all different phases of development, streamlining the building process from inception to regulatory approval. Features include:

  • Ideation Space – creative resources to find and share inspiration for new products
  • Product Brief – templates to create and share product specs with suppliers
  • Guided Tasks – tools to complete critical milestones at each stage of development
  • Collaboration – manage teams and contributors in a secure, single online space

The Goldn Product Builder for creators of all sizes and levels of expertise is now available.
And it's free.

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Goldn GmbH
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Goldn GmbH

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