Jland Biotech launches a unique Biollagen-Lipo product

Published: 4-Oct-2021

Jland Biotech, the producer of Biollagen, the world’s leading non-animal derived collagen, is set to launch a new range of Biollagen-Lipo products to combine Jland’s unique collagen with the skin penetrating power of liposomes

Due to the non-animal origin of Biollagen, it has the benefits of zero virus risk, low immunogenicity, no allergenicity, no rejection risk and good biocompatibility. Liposomes are hollow spheres formed when lipids spontaneously form a bilayer when exposed to water.

This spontaneous formation is due to their structure; the hydrophobic tails arrange themselves in the middle away from water while the hydrophilic heads create the inner and outer surfaces of the membrane.

Liposomes also benefit from being non-toxic, biocompatible, biodegradable and non-immunogenic.

The use of liposome encapsulation technology developed by JLand to wrap Biollagen SSE collagen leads to superior performance and has the obvious advantages of faster transdermal adsorption, stronger stability, slower release/longer acting, lower effective dose and reduced systemic adsorption.

Dr Sam Donnelly, the technical manager of Jland Biotech Europe, advises reports that: “Liposome technology has been used in the past for various uses, most notably it has been extensively studied for drug delivery systems.

"Jland has taken this technology and utilised it for use in cosmetics allowing them to achieve better skin penetration for their non-animal collagen, Biollagen.

"This hosts many other benefits, as previously stated and will be the first available product; that combines collagen and liposomes in this way.”

Biollagen - SSE Lipo is a unique product that offers unique opportunities for cosmetic formulators.

Download the product information sheet here.

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