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Kosas Cosmetics selects PFS for fulfilment operations

Published: 21-Jun-2023

PFS, a premier eCommerce order fulfilment provider, announces it has launched a global order fulfilment solution for Kosas Cosmetics (Kosas) from the United States

Kosas creates clean makeup for skin care freaks. The brand produces award-winning, skin-improving products with a mission to evolve beauty's mindset towards revealing, expressing, and feeling comfy in your skin. Launched in 2015, the indie darling is one of the fastest growing prestige brands in the US.

PFS is providing international direct-to-consumer (DTC) order fulfilment to Kosas’ eCommerce customers and business-to-business (B2B) retail partners. In addition, Kosas is utilising PFS’ transportation management services for inbound freight and outbound parcel management.

“We are thrilled that our new order fulfilment programs are live and operating smoothly with PFS. The ability to support our growth, as well as operate both our DTC and B2B fulfilment channels, was important in our decision-making process,” said Taryn Montes, COO of Kosas. “Not only did PFS meet those objectives, but their experience in beauty and cosmetics was evident throughout the process. They took the time to understand our business needs and create an order fulfilment solution that will serve our eCommerce customers and retail partners jointly.”

“Adding Kosas to our growing health and beauty portfolio further solidifies our expertise in this target market vertical,” commented Zach Thomann, COO and President of PFS. “It’s exciting to experience continued growth in this product category, and we look forward to supporting a growing brand like Kosas.”

By partnering with different carriers, providing volume-based rates, and offering management expertise in the freight and shipping industry, PFS reduces the administrative and financial burden for Kosas’ freight program. As a growing service offering, PFS’ transportation management services are designed to offer flexibility and choice for clients to align their delivery service levels with the most optimal costs.

“It is common for third-party logistics providers to offer a robust transportation management program to complement core services,” continued Thomann. “Historically, we have helped many clients by leveraging our volume-based rates for parcel shipping, and have recently expanded our transportation management partnerships and technology to offer a more complete and robust service to our order fulfilment clients.

“PFS plays an active role in the delivery experience for the end customers of our clients, and we’re committed to further enhancing transportation services as headline freight costs continue to accelerate. This focus on freight optimisation not only helps our clients better manage freight spend, but it also gives them flexibility to offer differing delivery methods that meet evolving customer needs related to timeline and sustainability. We look forward to further opportunities to assist both new and existing clients with these services as the year progresses.”

The order fulfilment solution for Kosas went live from PFS’ Memphis-based fulfilment campus in March 2023.

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