Liz Earle supers up with neroli

Published: 1-Jul-2014

British beauty brand updates its hero skin care product with the addition of natural neroli

British beauty brand Liz Earle has updated its hero skin care product Superskin Moisturiser with the addition of natural neroli. Infused with a blend of neroli, lavandin and chamomile, Superskin Moisturiser with natural neroli contains the same high performance active ingredients as the original formulation, including cranberry, borage and organic rosehip oils, which work to reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss while improving barrier function.

It is also enriched with pomegranate flower extract, a source of antioxidant polyphenols and collagen- protecting anthocyanidins and flavonoids. The active has been proven to inhibit the MMP-1 enzyme which breaks down collagen in the skin. With prices ranging from £14.50 to £39, the Superskin Moisturiser will be available in the UK and US from September.

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