Naturex adds hair ingredients to NaDES line

Published: 1-Feb-2017

Naturex offers a range of natural active compounds extracted via a process called Eutectigenesis, whereby the active part of the plant is extracted through the formation of natural deep eutectic solvents (NaDES).

These ingredients demonstrate augmented phytoactive profiles and improved performance, and for the first time Naturex is expanding its Eutectys technology to hair care.

First up is a horsetail extract rich in phenolic compounds, which demonstrates good anti-frizz and radiance properties. Tested on curly human hair, Horsetail Eutectys BLA reduces frizziness by 458%.

Also new is Saffron flower Eutectys BLA; it claims to increase hair manageability and suppleness, and reduces friction making combing easier.

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