New filter by Royal DSM to advance innovation in eco-friendly sun care

By Julia Wray | Published: 27-Sep-2021

Parsol EHT is an efficient, eco-friendly UVB filter that is compatible with leading UVA solutions

Royal DSM has launched Parsol EHT, an efficient, eco-friendly UVB filter that is said to deliver the highest absorption in the market today.

The photostable and inert filter enables sun care formulators to achieve the desired SPF at low use concentrations and develop a broad range of high eco-class formulations (class A as per the DSM Sunscreen Optimizer 2.0).

Parsol EHT is said to score high for both UVB absorbance and eco-friendliness, with the latter evaluated based on persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity data.

It is also easy to formulate and compatible with top market UVA solutions.

Michele Marchini, Head of Marketing Photoprotection at Royal DSM, commented: “As a responsible, purpose-led company, we have an obligation to help consumers make informed, science-based decisions when it comes to their skin protection, as well as advance the search for new, more effective UV solutions.

“With the Parsol EHT launch we offer our customers a high-performing and sustainable product that will in turn allow them to deliver compelling products that consumers will enjoy applying regularly.”

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