28Extremoin, a multifunctional active ingredient by bitop

Introducing a new full-spectrum pollution protection active ingredient

Introducing a new full-spectrum pollution protection active ingredient

28Extremoin (INCI: Ectoin, Hydroxyectoin) is a natural multifunctional active ingredient, especially developed to protect our skin from pollution induced damage and ageing. Its global cell-protection benefits are proven by various clinical, in-vivo and in-vitro studies.

By forming stable protection shells with water around skin cells, 28Extremoin prevents skin damage and premature ageing induced by:

  • particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1)
  • heavy metals and PAHs
  • ultra-fine particles (“UP”, nano-size)
  • airborne allergens (e.g. pollen)
  • IR-A, UVA/UVB and visible light

Furthermore 28Extremoin shows remarkable skin barrier stabilising and anti-inflammatory efficacy.

In-vitro assays on Asian and Caucasian keratinocytes have confirmed the outstanding pollution protection capacity of 28Extremoin:

Beside POMC (marker for skin pigmentation), also the particle induced MMP1 (marker for wrinkle formation) and Cyp1A1 (marker for cell damage) expression in keratinocytes was significantly reduced by 28Extremoin.

28Extremoin is EcoCert and NaTrue approved.

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