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Published: 18-Feb-2021

The green footprint is what distinguishes all of Eurovetrocap's new products: recycled materials, refill solutions and mono-material packaging

As noted by the latest market analyses, today more than ever, there is an increasing focus on sustainability in all its facets.

Eurovetrocap, sensitive to this issue for years, continue to invest in the development of packaging solutions able to combine the aesthetic enhancement of products with an increased sensitivity towards environmental impact.

The green footprint is what distinguishes all of our new products: recycled materials, refill solutions and mono-material packaging.

Recycled glass and plasic

Many items are available, from the Laura Green range of bottles and the 50ml Licata jar in recycled glass, complete with accessories in post-industrial recycled PP, to the Alex and Sirio Alto bottles in recycled PET and the recycled PP Parigi jar.

Refill soloutions

The 15ml and 30ml Airless Refill bottles, equipped with an inner reusable container in recycled PP have recently been added to the well-known Refill and Licata jars.

The environmental impact of this airless pack is drastically reduced through the possibility of reusing the external glass part countless times, and changing only the PP innerpart.

Mono-material pack

In addition to the above mentioned jars, in which the seal is guaranteed by the presence of a bore seal and therefore avoiding the use of a wad inside the lid, the recent development of the Parigi Airless 50ml jar allows us to offer an airless jar with press touch pump which guarantees preservation of the product whilst being completely free of metal components.

Our goal is to continue to find both sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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