4 intellectual property 'musts' when launching a beauty innovation


Knowing which aspects of the cosmetics consumer experience need intellectual property protection isn’t always obvious, here are four practical points to help

Kim Kardashian has faced a trademark lawsuit over her make-up line

Leanne Rakers

The possibility of a trademark lawsuit is an issue that every industry has to face. From HBO and its Sex and the City franchise, which tried to warn off a New York entrepreneur who launched a health and fitness business called "Health and the City", to Kim Kardashian being slapped with an infringement lawsuit by a Danish make-up artist.

According to industry lawyers, these legal issues are only exacerbated with the rise of e-commerce and social media.

Leanne Rakers is a patent attorney at US-based intellectual property law firm Harness Dickey.

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Here she reveals to Cosmetics Business why beauty brands need to pay more attention than ever to their intellectual property in the digital age.


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