A better butter: How to formulate body butters


The use of different functional ingredients and techniques can result in very different body butter end products, as Hallstar Beauty's Formulation Lab Manager demonstrates

Pampering and luxurious body butters are a perennial consumer favourite.

Using two body butter formulations as examples, Simona Morlacchi, Formulation Lab Manager at Hallstar Beauty, explores how the use of different functional ingredients and manufacturing techniques can result in very precise end products in terms of viscosity, richness and spreadability.

Skin care formulation offers a wider range of potential textures and functions than just about any other beauty application. From one-phase (either oil phase or water phase) formats like serums and gels to the creams and lotions requiring two phases (oil in water (o/w) or water in oil (w/o)), skin care gives formulators plenty of opportunity to show off their versatility and technical expertise.


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