Abolis Biotech expands its rational enzyme design capabilities and its precision fermentation robotic platform


The team of Abolis Biotechnologies, The Bio-Synthesis Architects, has now reached 50 talented “bio-architects”

The expansion of this quickly growing team included a strengthening of Abolis's rational enzyme design capabilities to further improve yields and productivity within the fermentation process design platform.

In parallel to that, one more component of the Robotics Platform has been added: a “48 cuves” parallel precision fermentation robot has completed its integration and qualification. Thanks to its expanded team and platform, Abolis is now operating the biggest bio-foundry in Europe with a track record in the ingredients and cosmetics sector.

This allows Abolis to expand and improve the services provided to our client and their ability to access bioprocesses for the production of a broad range of innovative, sustainable, cruelty free, biodiversity-friendly ingredients.

Interested parties are welcome to contact Abolis via their website to arrange a discussion on specific target ingredients of their interest that may be assessed for their potential to be manufactured via bio-synthesis.


Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli (MBA, PDEng, MSc), Industrial Partnerships Development, filippo.martinelli@abolis.fr

Abolis Biotechnologies: 5 rue Henri Desbruères, 91030 Évry Cedex, France (EU), abolis.fr

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