Ameyezing from Sederma targets dark undereye circles

By Julia Wray | 23-Sep-2021

Zingiber zerumbet rhizome-derived active ingredient decreases the production of melanin

Sederma has launched Ameyezing, a naturally-derived cosmetic active ingredient that is said to be effective on both hyperpigmented and vascular dark circles.

Obtained via supercritical CO2 extraction of Zingiber zerumbet rhizomes, sourced in the south-east region of Madagascar from an Ecocert For Life labelled responsible enterprise, the product considerably decreases the production of melanin in vitro.

It also helps reduce the intensity of pigmentogenic oxidative and proinflammatory events, as well as supporting the integrity of capillary walls by protecting and reinforcing these fragile structures, composed of elastin and collagen, to avoid leakage of fluids.

Clinical testing conducted on mixed-sex Caucasian and Asian panels showed Ameyezing generates significant reduction in melanin deposition in the eye contour, leading to a visible decrease in shadowing.

Additionally it helps fight against eye contour redness and puffiness by improving capillary blood flow.

Ameyezing is water soluble and recommended for use at 1.5%.

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