An African, natural exfoliating sphere for a sustainable world

Published: 24-Oct-2018

Cirebelle’s Rice Bran Exfoliating Spheres is an outstanding solution to any high quality personal care solution

The world is increasingly looking towards products that are sustainably produced but offer the same quality as traditional offerings that are more detrimental to natural environment. Within the personal care market, an African solution is proving how a naturally produced product can be best in its class.

CireNat Rice Bran Exfoliating Spheres, part of the Cirebelle range of products, are sustainably sourced, readily bio-degradable and an effective yet gentle exfoliant. They can be used within different personal care product formulations.

Cirebelle’s use of rice bran wax as raw material is evidence of our belief in industrial ecology: using the by-products of other industries to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly and value-adding personal care products that meet market needs.

The CireNat Rice Bran Exfoliating Spheres are a high quality, perfectly spherical personal care formulation ingredient that come in a range of beautiful and bright colours. Through the application of African Chemistry, Cirebelle seeks innovative solutions to the world’s challenges.

An African, natural exfoliating sphere for a sustainable world

A chemistry-led manufacturer, Cirebelle is a leading producer of a range of personal care exfoliants, waxes and actives-encapsulating soft spheres used by the world’s leading personal care brands. Since its founding in 2001, Cirebelle has become a global player offering a variety of solutions and services for diverse customer segments.

If you wish to contact Cirebelle to find out more about the CireNat Rice Bran Exfoliating Spheres, or any of their other market leading products, you can contact at or online at

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