Aptar responds to demand for sustainable cosmetics with new fragrance refill pump

By Becky Bargh | Published: 21-May-2020

Traditionally fragrance packaging is destined to become waste as pumps and bottles cannot be separated and recycled

Packaging giant Aptar has responded to the demand for sustainable fragrance packaging by launching a new refill pump.

Traditionally fragrance packaging has been destined for waste as pumps cannot be separated from bottles, meaning the elements cannot be recycled.

The new Essencia Screw has been designed to be easy-to-use and features an internal plastic ring that ensures the pump can be separated, but also prevents the bottle neck breaking when the pump is screwed on and off.

Meanwhile, the aesthetic is similar to a crimped pump with a collar diameter identical to the FEA15 standard.

Essencia Screw is suitable for 15-400 threaded necks and is available in both 70μl and 100μl dosage.

In a statement, Aptar said: “With the launch of Essencia Screw, Aptar Beauty + Home once again confirms its commitment to sustainability, delivering a modern, trendy product that will help drive the fragrance market of tomorrow.”

Aptar is also responsible for Lush’s aluminium and brass refillable lipstick case, of which 30% and 40% are said to be made from recycled materials, respectively.

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