Asia - India: Male Grooming Market Report 2017

By Sarah Parsons 21-Mar-2017

Not only are male consumers in India keen to experiment with grooming products, they are willing to spend more on them than women. This market is loaded with opportunities for brands

Asia - India: Male Grooming Market Report 2017
Source: Euromonitor International

Source: Euromonitor International

At Indian Rupee 75bn ($1.1bn), the male grooming market is still just a tenth of the overall beauty market in India, according to Euromonitor International. But with growth of 18% in 2015, India is seen as a key contributor to the global increase in demand for male grooming products.

Unsurprisingly, most of the growth comes from the sub-continent’s eight largest cities and the larger second-tier urban areas. With more than 50% of the population under 30, the younger generation is driving growth and the industry has a huge opportunity to claim brand loyalty. A rising urban middle class population and improved distribution channels in tier II and tier III cities is expected to stimulate growth in the market through to 2020.

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However, although the market is growing and young men are happy to experiment with their skin care regimes especially – the men’s skin care sector grew by a staggering 97% in 2015/16 (Mintel) – consumer attitudes towards bathing may be difficult for brands to shift. Many countries in the West have turned away from the traditional bar soap in favour of shower gels. Yet Mintel’s research reveals that...

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