Asquan Group wins at Cosmoprof with innovative NFC Technology

Today’s modern consumer is informed, connected and tech savvy. A smartphone has become a staple in our daily lives, not only allowing us to communicate, but also delivering content and increasingly connecting us to the brands we love and interact with.

Top brands in all industries have been enlisting the help of tech- based solutions in order to stay current, connected to their consumers and increasingly to protect the consumer and their brand products.

The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry has undergone rapid changes particularly related to the rise of e-commerce and social media marketing. These changes have led to many challenges such as the rise of the amount of counterfeit beauty products available on the market.

Asquan’s award winning NFC Technology is a concept- smart packaging solution that can be used for product tracking and brand protection as well as consumer engagement. With their small and thin size and flexible nature- NFC tags are the ideal solution for products such as cosmetics and fragrances.

The battery free tags can store a wealth of information and are easy to integrate into packaging, labels, caps etc.

There are endless opportunities and possibilities for consumer engagement with the use of NFC technology. Everything from offering tips on makeup and cosmetic trends and tutorials to offering refills, discounts on re-purchases as well as showing other products in the range or other related products.

Brands can opt to introduce new products launching in coming months or simply introduce their brand image and philosophy to the consumer.

With NFC everyday products become interactive and intelligent bringing benefits to both the brand and the consumer.

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