How cosmetics brands are protecting themselves from eCommerce fraud

Published: 6-Oct-2023

In a world that increasingly leans digital, the beauty industry isn't just about perfecting the next big makeup trend or skincare revolution

Behind those shimmering highlighters and rejuvenating serums lies a tech backbone that keeps these eCommerce operations smooth. Yet, as businesses zoom into the digital fast lane, there's a new adversary in town: eCommerce fraud. Enter the role of the unsung hero: the eCommerce Fraud Manager.

So, What Does an eCommerce Fraud Manager Do?

Imagine this role as the guardian of your eCommerce store. While you're focused on product launches and marketing campaigns, the eCommerce Fraud Manager is constantly on the lookout for any suspicious activity. From chargebacks to fake accounts, from large volume orders to identity theft, they are equipped with the tools and knowledge to detect, combat, and prevent these fraudulent activities. Their day-to day involves analysing transaction patterns, implementing security protocols, and ensuring that your genuine customers have a seamless shopping experience.

Safeguarding Your Revenue and Reputation

Hiring an eCommerce Fraud Manager could potentially save your business a significant sum. It's not just about the immediate financial losses from a single fraudulent transaction; it's the ripple effect. Chargeback fees, lost inventory, and even potential penalties can quickly add up. Not to mention the potential harm to your brand's reputation if genuine customers feel their data is at risk. By proactively combating fraud, you're not only protecting your bottom line but also cultivating trust in your brand.

eCommerce Fraud and the Beauty Industry: A Unique Challenge

The beauty industry faces a unique challenge when it comes to online fraud. Limited edition products, high-demand launches, and omni-channel experiences make it a target for fraudsters. Additionally, with the rise of influencer marketing, it's easier for scammers to create fake promotions or counterfeit websites. An eCommerce Fraud Manager understands these nuances and crafts strategies tailored to the beauty sector's challenges.

The Recruitment Challenge

As essential as this role has become, finding the right fit is not easy. Given it's a relatively new niche, spotting someone with extensive experience as an eCommerce Fraud Manager is like finding a needle in a haystack. But here's where working with a specialised recruitment company comes into play. They not only have a wider network but also the expertise to identify transferable skills from other domains that could mould the perfect candidate for this role. Instead of navigating the intricate maze of hiring alone, relying on recruitment professionals can save time, resources, and ensure you get the best fit for your brand.

In the evolving landscape of beauty eCommerce, staying ahead means not just catching the latest beauty trends but also staying vigilant against digital threats. By recognising the value of an eCommerce Fraud Manager and partnering with the right recruitment agency, you're setting your brand up for both security and success. To talk about recruiting this role, or any other roles for your beauty business, contact Lavandi Talent by emailing

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