Axilone captures Dior


Creates a \'highly technical\' packaging design for the brand’s newest Capture Totale product

Beauty packaging company Axilone has recently partnered with French luxury beauty brand Dior (LVMH) to create a “highly technical” packaging design for the brand’s latest Capture Totale skin care product.

The co-patented luxury packaging design involved the creation of a silver electroplated cap featuring the Dior logo on the top of the cap, which was engraved and hot stamped. Both collar and push button are also electroplated, while separate refills can also be purchased. The base of the jar is made of a transparent shiny PMMA while the inside is decorated with two layers of pearly varnish and white coating.

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Finally, the design includes a push button to lock and unlock both the cap, refill cartridge and coils. According to Axilone, the function was specifically designed by the company to maintain a consistent linear pressure, which helps to make opening or closing the hinged jar cover easier.