BASF increases betaines and sulfate surfactants prices in North America


Certain betaine, sulfate and fatty alcohol product lines will now be $0.09 per kg

BASF Care Chemicals North America has announced that it will increase prices of betaines and sulfate surfactants, starting October.

It will raise list and off-list prices of certain betaine, sulfate and fatty alcohol product lines by US$0.02 to $0.09 per kg.

Betaine amphoteric surfactants are commonly used in shampoos, shower and bath preparations, and skin cleansers, while products that use sulfate surfactants include shampoos, bath products and personal cleansers.

Meanwhile, fatty alcohols are largely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

The lines affected by the price increase include BASF’s Dehyton, Texapon, Disponil, Agnique, Standapol, Plantapon and Lanette brands.

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