BASF launches new biodegradable cosmetic ingredients

By Julia Wray 16-Oct-2018

The ingredients are readily-biodegradable alternatives for plastic microbeads and opacifiers

BASF launches new biodegradable cosmetic ingredients

BASF has introduced two new biodegradable alternatives to well-known cosmetic ingredients to coincide with SEPAWA Congress in Berlin.

Euperlan OP White is a readily-biodegradable, cold-processable opacifier dispersion with a superior white appearance for surfactant formulations.

Unlike standard opacifiers, which are based on styrene acrylate copolymer, Euperlan OP White is a wax (glycol distearate) derived from 90% natural sources and fulfils the requirements for the ‘readily-biodegradable’ term.

Other benefits include a ‘truer’ white colour than can be obtained using styrene acrylate copolymer opacifiers, which can come out somewhat blue-tinged.  

Formulators can use between 1-3% product for a translucent look all the way up to full opactity.

Also new from BASF is Cegesoft Peel, which consists of spherical wax beads (also glycol distearate) that provide mild and gentle exfoliation.

Like Euparlan OP White, it is a readily-biodegradable replacement for a commonly used ingredient: this time plastic microbeads. It also provides a gentler alternative to sharp-edged natural abrasives, such as sugar.

The particle size (350-550µm diameter) is said to be the ideal size in terms of stability during use and suspension in liquid products.

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