BSP celebrates 50th anniversary with book launch


British Perfumery – A Fragrant History aims to educate consumers about the fragrance industry

The British Society of Perfumers is marking its 50th anniversary with the launch of a book celebrating the history of the region\'s fragrance industry. Compiled by current BSP President John Bailey, with the help of Helen Hill, Yvonne Hockey and Matthew Williams over 22 months, British Perfumery – A Fragrant History is intended to enlighten consumers about the unique stories behind the fragrance houses and individual perfumers, while also shedding light on the “supporting cast” of evaluators, regulatory specialists, quality controllers and raw materials suppliers behind all fragranced products.

While British Perfumery – A Fragrant History focuses on the history of perfumery, it also covers the industry in the 21st century; how it is being shaped by the blogosphere and the rise in popularity of fragrance events, as well as fragrance as a force for good, for example the use of scent as a method of communicating with Alzheimer\'s patients.

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Copies cost £45 and are available to order now (