Baralan introduces new Olivia Slim Series of glass Bottles for make-up, skincare and fragrance

Published: 4-Nov-2021

New Boston Round style inspired line features cylindrical and rounded-shoulder bottle design in transparent, amber and cobalt blue glass in three capacities

Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced its Olivia Slim Series, a new line of cosmetical Boston Round glass bottles developed specifically for makeup, skincare and fragrance products.

Characterised by its cylindrical shape and rounded shoulders, the new series consists of glass bottles in three different capacities, as well as three colored glass options: transparent, amber and cobalt blue. This wide choice allows Baralan to satisfy both the aesthetical preferences and functional needs of its customers, especially considering amber and cobalt blue glass make an ideal match for light-sensitive products.

The Olivia Slim Series represents an entirely distinct design for Baralan, promoting a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic style in a classic Boston Round shape. To suit customer needs for different filling volumes, the series offers bottles of 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. At the same time, regardless of size, all bottles in this series feature a 18/400 neck finish, offering easy compatibility with a wide range of same neck finish accessories.

“The Olivia Slim Series is an exciting addition to our product offering,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager at Baralan. "The line’s classic round bottle shape, combined with a multitude of color and size options, is sure to give our customers a broad range of attractive new options that can be customised to best fit their needs."

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