Baralan strengthens ESG commitment as it celebrates 60 Years

Published: 20-May-2022

ESG initiatives exemplify Baralan’s evolution and ongoing mission to progress as a future-focused company

Baralan has strengthened its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, including the addition of several product portfolio and corporate-level initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable future. Both moves represent Baralan’s growth and tangible shift toward becoming a better, future-focused company.

Baralan’s ESG strategy focuses on making meaningful sustainability advancements in two key areas: optimising its packaging portfolio to reduce environmental footprint; and developing a holistic sustainability framework to guide a company-wide transformation over the medium and longer term. This includes specific initiatives like enhancing reusability and recyclability of products, optimising waste by promoting more effective solutions such as airless packaging and prioritising mono-material packaging.

Moreover, the company has implemented tangible actions to encourage the adoption of alternative materials, such as biopolymers, and has developed new products using PCR materials in a series just launched earlier this year.

“Throughout our 60-year history, we have perpetually evolved to address industry trends and market changes, allowing us to provide consistent strategic support for customers and partners,” said Caroline Baranes, Chief Marketing Officer at Baralan.

“Our strengthened ESG initiatives and sustainable solutions serve as both tools and guiding principles in our day-to-day operations, giving our teams a renewed sense of purpose to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable world for all. We were born to embrace beauty, now it’s time to protect it.”

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