Be proud, not perfect: Skin Proud backs to end ‘dangerous’ retouching in adverts

By Becky Bargh | Published: 10-Nov-2020

The affordable skin care brand’s petition is hoping to garner support from consumers for other brands to follow suit

Affordable beauty brand Skin Proud has launched a petition calling for an end to retouching in skin care adverts.

A recent survey by the brand found more than 50% of UK consumers wished they were more confident in their natural skin, while one in two also admitted to editing their photos in order to feel more confident.

Skin Proud described its findings as ‘dangerous’ with more people feeling less confident and with the ability to fine tune their imperfections.

Meanwhile, it accused brands’ use of editing of encouraging an unrealistic standard of beauty.

“People more than ever are feeling pressured to conform to what is being perceived as the ‘norm’, said Dermatologist and expert in psychodermatology Alia Ahmed.

“Almost everyone gets a spot or has a bad hair day or a day when they feel unattractive; social media allows one to add a filter to hide these things, real life usually does not.”

Since its launch in April this year, Skin Proud has committed to using unfiltered and unretouched images, as well as a diverse line-up of models.

“We are so excited to launch our campaign to end photoshopping in skin care adverts,” added Nora Zukauskaite, Skin Proud’s Head of Marketing.

“Using unedited photos has been central to our brand since launching in April, and we feel that the industry has a responsibility to do the same, representing real skin and creating an environment in which no matter your skin, you can feel proud.”

Consumers can sign the petition via

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