Beauty Pie launches Plus membership model to scrap monthly limits

By Julia Wray 15-Sep-2021

A recent members' poll revealed that most shoppers felt stifled by monthly limits

Beauty Pie launches Plus membership model to scrap monthly limits

Beauty Pie is levelling up its membership system with a Beauty Pie Plus model that comes without monthly limits.

The luxury beauty buyers club, founded by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore in 2016, admitted that, until now, its membership system had been a bit complicated and hadn’t let members shop for everything they'd wanted.

It also said that, since its launch, it has garnered more information about what its members want to shop for regularly versus just once in a while.

Beauty Pie recently polled its members on their shopping habits, and learned that most felt too stifled by monthly limits.

Developed in response, the new membership, Beauty Pie Plus, claims to give members the flexibility to shop when they want and for what they want.

It eliminates monthly spending limits, offering an upfront spending allowance that renews every year.

The move is also an answer to rampant inflation across areas of the supply chain and Beauty Pie is hoping that by allowing members to shop more across all of its categories, it will be able to reach higher economies of scale to bring everyone the lowest prices possible.

Beauty Pie Plus costs £59 per year and offers a £3,600 spending allowance. All existing members can upgrade, says the company, and the service is available to all new members.

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Earlier this month, the company completed a Series B financing round of US$100m, which went towards realising Beauty Pie Plus and will also go towards funding new warehouses and pop-up shops.