Bio-on creates biodegradable ingredient for beauty products

The new line of ingredients is part of the brand’s minerv bio cosmetics released earlier this year

Bio-on has launched two new ingredients to include in its minerv bio personal care range.

The ingredients, minervPHB Riviera, suitable for sun care products and minervPHB Riviera Plus, which can be used in make-up products, skin care and hair care, are both SPF boosters that help screen against UV radiant UVB and A rays.

Both derive from the brand’s biodegradable bioplastic, which is made from renewable plant sources, and are designed to not only significantly reduce UV damage, but make formulations more water resistant.

Marco Astorri, Bio-on’s Chairman and CEO, said: “Riviera represents another building block in our green cosmetics revolution to make the personal care market truly sustainable and fully respect the ocean and the land.”

The ingredients will allow cosmetic manufacturers to reduce the percentage of UV filters used in sunscreen.

The research and development to produce the new ingredients was carried out by Bio-on CNS, which specialises in the development of cosmetic ingredients.

Managing Director of the CNS Business Unit Paolo Saettone added: “The Riviera line is a success story for Powder Boutique, a site dedicated to advanced research, where our scientists play with our versatile biopolymer, seeking out the perfect morphology and technology to maximise performance."

“This fine work has created the Riviera micro particles, which are the perfect scattering centre element for UV rays.”

Bio-on's products containing its new ingredients