Black BeeOme by Mibelle Biochemistry

Published: 16-Mar-2023

Black bee honey ferment to restore the skin’s natural microflora

Expert in Managing the Skin

Black BeeOme™ is an elixir that results from the fermentation of the rare wild dark bee Apis mellifera mellifera honey with the bacteria Zymomonas mobilis. Black BeeOme™ has been designed to harmonize the skin microflora after stress to ensure a healthy and pure skin. Billions of microorganisms colonize the human skin at various sites and constitute the skin microbiota.

They form complex communities that function together with the host immune system in order to defend against pathogens and to maintain skin health. Since having a well-balanced cutaneous microflora is important for a healthy and beautiful skin, protecting its balance and its recovery represents a winning strategy for skin care products.

Honey has always been highly valued both as food and in cosmetics. In the case of Black BeeOme™ the honey from the rare bee Apis mellifera mellifera, adapted to live in the harsh conditions of the valleys of Switzerland, has been fermented with Zymomonas mobilis. The fermentation eliminates the basic sugars glucose, fructose and sucrose in the honey. The remaining longchain sugars stabilise and promote the individual microflora of the skin and form an ideal basis for its growth.

In vitro and clinical studies have shown that Black BeeOme™ promotes a faster skin flora recovery after washing as well as skin barrier recovery. In addition, the fermented black bee honey diminished the sebum production and improved the uniformity of oily and uneven face skin. When applied on a sheet mask, Black BeeOme™ showed a clear improvement of impure skin of volunteers living in urban, polluted areas after only 15 minutes of a single application.

Black BeeOme™

  • Reduces sebum production for a matte and pure skin
  • Regenerates the skin microflora after washing
  • Protects and strengthens the skin barrier


  • Sheet masks
  • Mattifying skin care
  • Anti-blemish formulations
  • Sensitive skin care

Formulating with Black BeeOme™

  • Recommended use level: 1-2 %
  • Incorporation: For cold processes, dissolve Black BeeOme™ into the aqueous phase. In hot /cold processes, add during the cooling phase below 40 °C.
  • Thermostability: Temperatures of up to 40 °C for a short time will not affect the stability of Black BeeOme™. For further information, please refer to our formulation guidelines.

INCI (EU / PCPC) Declaration

  • Black BeeOme™ (standard version): (Honey + Zymomonas Ferment) Extract (and) Alcohol (and) Aqua / Water
  • Black BeeOme™ pwd (powder version without preservatives, 2-fold concentrated): (Honey + Zymomonas Ferment) Extract (and) Maltodextrin (and) Aqua / Water

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