Boosting emotional wellbeing with unique turmeric stem cells

Published: 16-Dec-2021

Turmeria Zen™ is a 100% natural active ingredient from Turmeric stem cells that acts against stress wrinkles, working as an emotional wellbeing manager and as a modulator of the brain-skin connection

Traditionally, the skin affections targeted by cosmetic products have always been linked to external factors, physiological reasons, molecular interactions, or biomedical causes. Nowadays there is a new holistic approach, considering humans get affected by emotions, where specifically negative emotions have an adverse impact on skin.

Stress, tiredness, and lack of sleep affect our skin in many ways. Our immune system is disturbed, making the skin more vulnerable and causing inflammation and dehydration. More wrinkles appear while existing wrinkles become deeper; there is a loss of elasticity, a delay in wound healing, damage to skin structure and a decrease in barrier function. In severe cases, it can even derive in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or acne.

Inspired by nature, Vytrus Biotech has created Turmeria Zen™, a natural ingredient from Turmeric stem cells. This active, based on a plant mechanism of action, is rich in stress-response cell factors specially designed to act against stress wrinkles, working as an emotional wellbeing manager and modulator of the brain-skin connection.

The composition of the active is 100% natural (ISO 16128), preservative free, certified by COSMOS-Ecocert and free from GMO, BSE, gluten, palm oil, cosmetic allergens, CMR ingredients, nanomaterials, and VOC.

Stressed skin releases excess of cortisol causing skin damage. On skin explants, Turmeria Zen ™ was proved to protect the skin against cortisol by protecting the collagen and elastin degradation levels up to +89% and +96%. It also demonstrated ex vivo regenerative properties on punch biopsies, showing a higher epidermal regeneration than EGF.

The active was also tested in a clinical assay with a volunteer panel subjected to intense psychosocial stress in the winter season (higher skin dryness from that cold period). Turmeria Zen™ increased the average cutaneous hydration rate by 13%, proving its effect as an emotional wellbeing manager.

As stress wrinkles are usually deeper than others and related to the brain-skin connection, this Turmeric stem cell active resulted in reducing the depth of the deepest wrinkles of the volunteers on the crow’s feet area up to 40%.

Turmeria Zen™ is indicated for regenerative and moisturising emulsions and serums; gels or sticks for wrinkles; massage lotions and balms; day and night nourishing creams. It covers a wide range of applications: emotional cosmetics, stressed skin, wrinkle prevention and treatment, skin relaxing, slow beauty rituals, and healthy skin formulations.

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