Brits admit to liking face-disguising masks in survey

More than a half of women polled enjoyed covering bad skin with a mask

A poll has revealed that 65% of women actually enjoy wearing Covid-19-preventing masks as they disguise their ‘bad’ skin.

The survey of 2,000 British women found that prior to the pandemic women had gone to great lengths to cover up their spots, including wearing their hair across their face, wearing roll neck jumpers (even during warm weather) and wrapping scarves around their face.

Commissioned by Polish dermacosmetics skin care brand Tolpa, a further 50% have tried covering acne or spots up with layers of make-up, but fear it just makes things worse.

As many as 73% of adults aren't happy with their skin and have tried six products to attempt to fix it.

And the average woman spends 15 minutes caring for her skin each day, spending an average of £61 in the last year.

Kadeeja Sel Khan, an ambassador for Tolpa’s Nothing to Hide campaign, said: “It’s hard to see so many women struggle with the look of their skin, even when it’s such a natural and normal thing that we all go through.

“I have acne-prone and very sensitive skin and it can definitely get my mood down sometimes.

“Like many women, I used to find myself trying to hide my skin – but I have embraced the natural look and began using products that show the reality behind the filter, that actually work, which has made a huge difference.”