Call for papers for 28th IFSCC Congress


Will receive abstract submissions until 20 December 2013

The French Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SFC) has issued a call for papers for the 28th IFSCC Congress, which takes place in Paris from 27-30 October 2014. The Congress aims to present the latest research work from academia and industry in a variety of fields, and topics for the 2014 edition will include: Beauty and life science (skin, hair and nails), encompassing tissue structure, cell communication, cell signalling and cell regulation and trafficking; Beauty and society (skin, hair and nails), which includes sustainable chemistry, sustainable souring, water consumption, CO2 footprint, impact on biodiversity, resources access, waste reduction and consumers' expectations and questions; Beauty and colours (skin, hair and nails) – decorative cosmetics and aesthetics, make-up and treatment, natural skin tone and beauty; Beauty and sensoriality (skin, hair and nails) – well-being and cosmetics, quality of life, self-esteem, cosmetics and social life; Beauty and surface shield – physiochemistry (skin, hair and nails) – UV protection, protection against environmental stress, hydration and barrier function; Beauty and protective strategy within the skin – antioxidants, induction and/or protection of endogenous defence and 'repair' and delivery systems and vectorisation.

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The SFC and its organising partner Colloquium say they will receive abstract submissions until 20 December 2013.