Clayspray provides a modern twist on an ancient tradition

The retail launch of Clayspray - the world's first clay spray emulsion - highlights the use of ancient remedies in the 21st Century's appreciation of nature-led products.

Norberto Mugarza, CEO of Pharmaclay Delivery System, has worked in consultancy for 10 years with Eidostech Global Approach Consulting, but has recently allied his business management skills with his passion for cosmetic research and development, to pioneer a revolutionary new product: Clayspray, the world’s first clay spray emulsion. In an exclusive interview at Clayspray’s UK retail launch, Mugarza tells Cosmetics Business about Clayspray’s past and present, as Chris McLeod reports:

The Source

The therapeutic use of clay is an ancient global tradition with various myths and rituals based around its properties and usage. In more recent history, clinical research has supported the efficaciousness of clay for use on the skin, and is now increasingly becoming more popular as a treatment in the cosmetics industry. Clays are used to absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin as well as providing exfoliating and circulatory benefits. They are found in a variety of colours due to differences in mineral content because of the environment of their extraction and the pressure to which they have been subjected over years of subterranean preservation.

Clayspray is a patented product that has been created to provide these ancient benefits through modern technology. Muzgarza explains: “Clayspray is a range of products based on enriched, emulsified clays that are prepared using natural mineral water. As a result of our worldwide patent and the maturation process, Clayspray is unique. We have six different clay products and two mineral rich H2O sprays to complete the initial range.”

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