Corpack designs sustainable packaging for Kneipp active shower gel

Published: 27-Jun-2019

The traditionally natural brand Kneipp has turned to Corpack, a developer of packaging solutions, to design and produce a new sustainable packaging for its active shower gel line.

The 250ml shower gel bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET.

Replacing the use of virgin materials, PCR can be recycled again for new manufacturing, offering genuine sustainability.

Taking a more nostalgic approach, Corpack has attempted to portray Kneipp’s traditional philosophy and apply this feel and look to today’s pharmacy.

The highly transparent bottles are colored in three custom colors and embossed with the company logo.

The easy-to use disc top allows one hand dispensing and is therefore ideal for use in the shower.

Kneipp’s new active shower gels, enhanced with essential oils, are available in the varieties “Being happy”.

“Being relaxed” and “Worry free”.

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