Crowning glory: How caps are stealing the show


Caps and closures for cosmetics and fragrances serve an integral purpose in relation to the overall pack, offering both security and style. Sonia Sharma finds out more

Crowning glory: How caps are stealing the show

A fundamental component of any pack format is the cap or closure. Primarily, in the past, the cap had a sole function to seal and protect the product inside. However, nowadays, closures play a more substantial role and serve a variety of functions, playing a vital part in added-value benefits such as driving aesthetic appeal, brand identification, ease-of-use and convenience.

Ensuring the safety and preservation of the product inside the packaging is arguably one of the core functions of a cap or closure. When trying to open a product, such as a chemical bottle or a personal care or cosmetic item, a delicate balance needs to be maintained.

Caps and closures that are too easy to open – such as chemicals or pharmaceutical products – can be hazardous. Protective measures such as child-resistant packaging are in use. However, for specific cohorts such as the ageing population, difficult-to-open lids and caps can be debilitating.

Innovations in the caps and closures sector, for instance easy-to-use solutions, are constantly evolving to meet all of these different challenges, and pioneering new offerings are being unveiled to address these issues while pushing brands to the forefront.


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