Deciem study reveals consumers are researching the safety of key ingredients like retinol and vitamin C

By Julia Wray 17-Sep-2021

The brand partnered with Spate on the research, which suggests consumers are being exposed to misconceptions

Deciem, the company behind cult beauty brands The Ordinary and NIOD, has teamed up with Spate, a consumer trend data specialist, to explore concerns facing beauty consumers.

According to the Estée Lauder Companies-owned business, as brands and retailers continue to promote clean beauty, new misconceptions across chemical ingredients are arising, and its report’s purpose is to explore the negative associations that consumers have when it comes to beauty-related chemicals.

For the report, Spate analysed over 20 billion search signals across the beauty and ingredient categories in the US (in June 2021). Using machine learning, it classified top trending ingredients and related search data to determine ingredients trends and the concerns that consumers are associating with these ingredients.

The top beauty-related ingredients, such as vitamin C, zinc, hyaluronic acid, retinol and silicones, were being searched alongside keywords like ‘toxic’, ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’.

According to Deciem, this indicates that consumers are concerned about and questioning the safety of these ingredients.

Searches for the words ‘zinc’ and ‘toxic’ in conjunction were up 14% year-on-year, while ‘hyaluronic acid’ and ‘safe’ were also up 14%.

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Searches for the keyword ‘safe’ plus ‘silicone’ were up 5.4%; ‘retinol’ by a massive 36%; and ‘vitamin C’ by 13.5%.