Deciem's in-store team will become virtual beauty consultants

By Sarah Parsons 23-Apr-2020

The maker of The Ordinary is about to roll-out its Deciem At Home service featuring its retail consultants

With social distancing forcing stores to close across the world, several beauty brands are experimenting with new ways to remotely engage consumers.

Glossier has trialled video consultation appointments for 150 shoppers and Elf has launched a virtual make-up try-on feature.

Meanwhile, Deciem, the owner of The Ordinary, has unveiled its virtual consultation service Deciem At Home.

Based on technology developed by omnichannel service Hero, from 27 April consumers will be able to video chat, instant message and share videos with a local Deciem sales assistant on

They will be able to send images of their skin concern to the sales representative who will then suggest a product or regimen, as well as application techniques.

That information can be saved by the consumer to review at a later date.

If the consumer chooses to, the Deciem representative can reconnect three weeks later to discuss whether the desired results were achieved.

That information could then be used in-store or online to create a tailored customer service.

"We strongly believe in the power of human connection and knew that only good things could come from being able to meet the people who support our journey in person," explained Nicola Kilner, CEO of Deciem, on the company's initial decision to enter bricks-and-mortar retail.

"Today those in-person meetings are not possible, but the human connection matters more than ever."

Deciem closed all of its stores worldwide on 15 March in a bid to contain the coronavirus.

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