Deinove and Greentech present first natural active ingredient

By Becky Bargh | Published: 25-Apr-2018

Anti-ageing ingredient Hebelys is produced through the fermentation of the Sphingomonas bacterium

Biotechnology company Deinove and Greentech, the producer and distributor of active ingredients, have revealed the first natural active ingredient to result from their partnership, announced in March 2017.

Debuting at in-cosmetics Global, the anti-ageing ingredient Hebelys is obtained through the fermentation of Dienove’s Sphingomonas bacterium.

Hebelys is said to to protect skin against oxidation and stimulate collagen, elastin and fibrillar synthesis.

Commenting on the launch, Greentech’s CEO Jean-Yves Berthon, said: “This first collaboration is a real success.

“Hebelys is a truly great active ingredient, fully in line with our catalogue and our ambition to offer the cosmetics industry high-tech active ingredients.”

The two companies collaborated back in March 2017, Deinove then selected the most promising strain to work with and Greentech developed the formulation process.

Emmanuel Petiot, Deinove’s CEO, said: “The joint work of both teams has been very rewarding.

“We are proud to have responded to Greentech’s expectations in terms of innovation and achieved a commercial product so quickly.”

Earlier this year Deinove also teamed up with Hallstar to create a bacterial extract ingredient with the aim of obtaining a stable oily active ingredient for skin care.

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