EPIDERMIST 4.0: New Skin Builder

Perfect skin - new skin - skin as fresh and radiant as a baby’s is achieved through a multi-faceted approach...

Perfect skin - new skin - skin as fresh and radiant as a baby’s is achieved through a multi-faceted approach. Skin colour, shine, surface condition and texture are all factors which play a role.

With its multi-faceted approach, Epidermist 4.0 provides skin with an overall perfecting action
• Cell renewal is optimised
• Skin’s natural defences are reactivated
• Pro-acne bacteria growth is inhibited
• Skin reactivity is reduced
• Skin’s intrinsic ability to rehydrate itself is strengthened
• Skin texture is smoothed
• Pores are less visible
• Skin is in better health

People who have tested Epidermist 4.0 have found their skin to be softer, smoother and in better health… as if restored.

Biotechnological Active Ingredient

Epidermist 4.0 is a Marine Exopolysaccharide secreted by a planktonic microorganism in the Aber Benoît (Brittany – France). The Aber-Benoît is a coastal river in the Pays de Léon region of Northwest Finistère, Brittany (Northwest France). An Aber (Celtic word meaning estuary) is a river valley flooded by the sea.  
Abers are rich and varied ecosystems in which organisms and microorganisms thrive in both salt water from the sea and fresh water.

Epidermist 4.0 is produced by culture in a bioreactor to obtain a pure, natural and characterized (galactose and N-acetyl-glucosamine) molecule that has no land-based equivalent.

Perfect skin, a comprehensive strategy

Epîdermist 4.0 reboots the three major skin functions for an overall perfecting action

  • Rebooting of physical barrier function: increase in differentiation proteins and improvement of the skin’s natural renewal process.
  • Rebooting of chemical barrier function: stimulation 4 of the main antimicrobial peptides of innate immunity, reduces 5 inflammatory mediators and reduction of skin reactivity.
  • Rebooting hydra-memory function: increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis and autonomous rehydration capacities of the skin.

Overall perfecting action

Rebooting the physical barrier function, improvement of skin renewal and reactivation of water memory help to obtain smoother skin texture, less rough (-19% on average and up to -56%) and softer. Rebooting the chemical barrier function, reduction of bacterial growth (-10% on average and up to -54%) and improved skin renewal help to obtain a reduction in the number of pores (-7% on average and up to -41%) and total surface area of visible pores (-11% on average and up to -58%).

Overall view of Epidermist 4.0 new skin effect on a volunteer