Earth mothers: The link between women and battling the climate crisis

By Julia Wray 6-Jan-2022

Women are not only vulnerable to the sting of climate change, but their advancement and employment are integral to fighting environmental damage. So what can beauty companies do to help?

Perhaps one of the most illuminating messages from last year’s COP26 in Glasgow was that climate change really isn’t gender equal. Climate action, if we are to be successful, requires investment in the future of women and girls from the field to the boardroom, via STEM, government and everything in between.

“Gender equality makes policies and programmes, and our economies more efficient,” Carla Kay Kraft, Policy Specialist at UN Women’s Sustainable Development segment, tells Cosmetics Business.

“But that’s taking an instrumentalist approach,” she notes, adding that, as a human rights-based organisation, UN Women’s position is that “denying half the population the full realisation of their rights” is profoundly unethical.


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