Earthoil helps facilitate fresh water wells

Deep wells constructed in Indian mint growing regions

Earthoil Plantations Ltd, a subsidiary of Treatt plc, has been involved in the development of 24 fresh water wells in its Indian mint growing regions.

The ‘Deep wells project’ is funded through the Earthoil Organic Farms Foundation (EOFF) and project partner Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps and is designed to improve local health by bringing high quality drinking water to thousands of villagers in India’s Uttar Pradesh region.

The EOFF investment panel, which includes representatives of the head farmers, women from the community, Earthoil, key buyers and a local Red Cross representative, identifies key projects to be supported by a community fund.

Availability of good quality drinking water helps prevent health care problems. Where wells already exist, they are shallow and susceptible to contamination, while there are increasing demands of irrigation and a growing population. Good quality drinking water needs to be sourced from far below the surface.

The new deep wells were constructed between April and July 2011. They are approximately 40 metres deep and produce much cleaner, better tasting water for a local population of around 28,000.

Earthoil says this is part of its continuing ethical approach to sourcing natural, organic oils and that it remains committed to supporting its local farmers grow and harvest mint in India. Earthoil approved farmers receive an organic premium for their crop plus a further contribution to the community fund.

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