Estée Lauder to appear at Decentraland's Metaverse Art Week

Published: 25-Aug-2022

The beauty giant will provide visitors to the Web3 event with NFTs by Dr. Alex Box

Estée Lauder has joined the official line-up for Metaverse Art Week, which will be hosted by Decentraland until 28 August.

The five day event will focus on digital art installations, performance, conceptual art products and NFT exhibitions.

The legacy beauty brand will be providing attendees with a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), a type of NFT that serves as verifiable proof that the holder attended a specific event.

“Innovation is at the heart of Estée Lauder and the metaverse represents a new frontier of exploration and creativity for the brand," said Stéphane de La Faverie, Global Brand President of ELC.

"Metaverse Art Week is a destination where Estée Lauder can fuse beauty, heritage, design and innovation in new ways and with new audiences."

Digital artist Dr Alex Box has designed the NFT as an homage to Estée Lauder's founder by incorporating the brand's 'EL' cartouche.

Visitors at Metaverse Art Week can claim the POAP via three stations in Decentraland: Sculpture Garden, CashLabs Gallery and ArtNet.

They will also garner exclusive access to upcoming Web3 activations from Estée Lauder.

"The metaverse and Web3 is a new creative space with limitless possibilities, opening new ways to express and present beauty as a language," said Dr Alex Box.

"It's a space to explore and push the boundaries of identity. Being able to explore the totality of experience between real and virtual is exciting and an important evolution point for shifting perceptions of beauty."

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