Evonik new formulation concept - “Elements of Care”


As a specialist for cosmetic raw materials and concepts for effective skin and hair care products, Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line has come up with the unique formulation concept “Elements of Care”. Working in close collaboration with specialists from around the world, the concept includes formulations that protect skin and hair from the effects of environmental stressors such as fine particles and UV radiation.

Skin and hair are exposed to different stress factors like air pollution, UV radiation, dust and dry air from sources such as air conditioning on a daily basis. Consumers want to protect against these environmental impacts as well as against the negative side-effects such as skin-ageing and dullness. With the launch of its new concept “Elements of Care” the Personal Care Business Line of Evonik offers individual solutions for various external stressors.

Increasing awareness of environmental insults

Air pollution, for example, is recognised as a major problem in many parts of the world. Particles with a size of 2.5 μm are believed to accelerate skin ageing. To prevent this impact the cosmetics market, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, has recently seen the launch of many consumer products that protect against this negative influence.

Besides anti-pollution claims, one other major concern to consumers is still protection against UV rays. In 2014, 16% of global skin care product launches claimed to offer UV protection.

Individual solutions

Based on a broad raw materials portfolio, Evonik developed individual formulations for each of these areas designed to protect skin and hair from environmental stressors or to minimise their impact:

The City Defence Purifying Mild Facial Cleanser removes pollution particles from the skin. The Anti-Pollution & Intensive Hydration Sleep Mask includes SK-INFLUX V that helps to strengthen the protective barrier function of the skin. Based on TEGO Care PBS 6, a versatile PEG-free O/W emulsifier with additional moisturising properties, the Daily Anti-Photoageing Cream SPF 15 UVA helps to combat UV-induced signs of skin ageing.

The quick absorption of the Dry Touch Hand Moisturising Cream SPF 20 UVA makes it especially suitable for working outdoors, traveling or driving.

VARISOFT TA 100 imparts a quick-absorbing, non-oily skin feel to the Climate Control Daily Moisturiser, while SKINMIMICS replenishes the skin’s own protective barrier to prevent moisture loss caused by humidity variations.

For hair care, a Colour Care UV Shield Hair Conditioner formulated with ABIL UV Quat 50 helps to reduce the UV-fading of dyed hair. The hair-strengthening Advanced Sheen Hair Protecting Treatment is formulated with VARISOFT EQ 100, which is known for its excellent conditioning properties.

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