Facebook's latest innovations


The social media giant is providing even more opportunities for advertising

Credit: ZuzankaKrist (WikiCommons)

Facebook has announced two innovations this month.

The social network has revealed that users in US and Canada will be able to use the website to apply for jobs.

Within Facebook and FacebooK Messengers, it aims to make applications easy and allow employers to communicate directly with prospective employees.

The new feature will appears in some potential applicants newsfeeds, advertising vacancies to potential candidates that may have been unaware of the position.

The company has also announced it is to roll out an app that lets users watch the platform’s video content on television.

It will allow the website to better compete with YouTube for advertising revenue.

Users with Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV and Samsung's Smart TVs will be able to watch Facebook's user-generated videos directly on their televisions.

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The announcement is inline with Facebook’s increasing focus on video, but its release date has yet to be announced.