GEKA launches genderless beauty collection Break the Rules at MakeUp in Los Angeles 2020

Published: 7-Feb-2020

Break the Rules is a unisex range of products made of sustainable packaging solutions appearing in genderless colors and free from unnecessary ingredients for brows, skin and lips

The 3 travel packaging are made of sustainable materials: Bottles are made of 100% PCR-PET, produced out of PCR-PET-A bottle scraps by extrusion with high vacuum degassing, melt filtration and SSP.

For the caps, GEKA uses 100% PCR-PP, produced out of PCR-PP scraps, e.g., yoghurt cups or detergent bottles.

The eyebrow brush is made of GEKA's brand-new exclusive EOSgreen fiber – a bio-based fiber consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant.

The applicators are either made of 25% recycled flock or completely non-flocked to reduce material usage to a minimum.

Also, the smallest components of the beauty packaging got a sustainable upgrade. The bottle wipers are made of LLDPE with a bio-based content of 84%, derived from sugar cane.

In addition, it partially consists of recycled PIR-LDPE material from GEKA production. Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing material waste to a minimum.


Booth: E44

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