GEKA's 'nomadicTREASURE 1' mascara is part of the Innovation Tree Products at Make Up in NY 2018


GEKA, a leading manufacturer of brushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry, presented its collection 'nomadicTREASURE' at Make Up in Paris in June 2018. The mascara 'nomadicTREASURE 1' of this collection has been selected by the IT Products Comité out of 78 evaluated products and will be presented on the Make Up in New York Innovation Tree Products.

This product is innovative in terms of its decoration and applicator; the packaging of this awarded mascara is decorated with a high-grade master batch with a special new type of pigments, that achieves the effect of luxurious, liquid gold. This new type of master batch creates an outstanding metallic chrome effect. The eyes become a feminine statement with the included sunnyEYES brush in conical shape, that combines two special GEKA fibers.

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The white part of the brush is made of the innovative and patent pending sunshineFIBER, which serves as a real volume-booster. For the pointed tip, the in-house manufactured EOS fiber is used, which ensures a perfect separation. The mascara formulation contains SymPetides, that lengthen and thicken the eyelashes, improve the lash growth.

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