Gallinée launches anti-waste operation for products nearing the end of their shelf life

By Julia Wray | Published: 11-Jan-2022

The microbiome brand's first sale will run until the end of the month, with more planned throughout 2022

Microbiome brand Gallinée has introduced a new waste prevention scheme.

The operation allows customers to purchase their favourite Gallinée products nearing the end of their shelf life with 70% off.

The first Gallinée Anti-Waste Operation sale went live on Boxing Day (26 December) 2021 and will run until the end of January, with a second in the diary for April to coincide with the brand spring cleaning its warehouse.

Future sales dates will be revealed throughout 2022, said Gallinée.

According to the brand, which was founded by Dr Marie Drago in 2016 as a skin care provider and which has since branched out into oral care and hair products, the units currently on offer have expiration dates between May and September this year, and so are perfectly safe to use but come with a heavily reduced price.

Products with a 70% reduction in this round of the operation can be found on Gallinée’s website along with individual expiry dates and discount codes for each item.

The Gallinée Anti-Waste Operation is said to be a response to the large quantities of beauty products in the UK which are destroyed as they approach the end of their shelf life.

It is estimated that between 20% and 40% of beauty products will end up as waste, said Gallinée.

The practice of destroying unsold consumer goods made headlines in 2018 when fashion label Burberry was outed as having destroyed £28.6m worth of unsold products the prior year, including beauty items worth £10.4m.

Environmental campaigners branded the move ‘obscene’.

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