Geka expands product categories for online 3D configuration

Published: 28-Jul-2020

Geka, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of brushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry, announces the launch of new product categories available with 3D configuration.

With this state-of-the-art tool, you only need a few minutes to easily create a make-up product tailored to your brand and meeting your requirements when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and make-up performance.

By combining Geka’s packaging and applicator expertise, along with our digital knowledge, we provide users with an efficient solution to develop their products and transform what is typically a lengthy and costly process.

What truly sets this new 3D configurator apart are the filtering options it offers users. With over 150 stock components and thousands of combinations, the user can find a perfect match by selecting different criteria: desired make-up result, type of applicator, packaging filling volume or material, to name a few options.

It’s the ideal way for Geka's customers to view the options that fit best their requirements and jump straight into the customisation process without delay.

The selected package can be taken and combined an artwork adjusting colour and details in an instant. Users can view the exact specifications of each component as they customise their package, allowing them to instantly compare the benefits of each possible combination of components.

Sharing the result has never been easier, using the integrated share function or even by showing your creation via augmented reality: all virtual packs are AR enabled, giving users the possibility to visualise pack designs as virtual prototypes.

These can be projected onto any shelf or surface in dynamic 360° vision in the augmented reality app.

Thanks to the extensive selection of stock applicators and packaging solutions, there is no need for lengthy development times or costly investments in custom tools – this is a ready-to-go digital tool!

The 3D customisation features will save you time and show your dream product created in real-time. The Geka development team is also always ready to help, should our customers need support.

The new product categories for configuration come along in a new design, paired with significantly improved user-experience and speeded-up loading time. Users are automatically guided through the configuration for an unmatched easy use.

Visit the Geka website today, register for the tool and discover our vast portfolio for hair, eye, lip and facial make-up online here.

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