Generation AVID: Mintel’s new acronym for teenage beauty consumers

Mintel’s team of beauty analysts have developed a new word to describe the generation of beauty consumers between the ages of 16 and 20

UK consumers aged between 16 and 20 are proving to be big beauty buyers, with 80% having shopped for cosmetics in the last year.

But the way they are engaging with beauty is increasingly unique to this age group.

As a result, Mintel’s beauty analysts have branded the age bracket generation ‘AVID’ – an acronym that describes the fact that these consumers are approaching adulthood, video driven, influencer aware and digital native.

The market intelligence company has also provided internal information about how brands can tap into this market.

Global Beauty Analyst at Mintel Andrew McDougall said: “Capturing the attention of AVID consumers is no easy task. They are hard to impress, they have a short attention span and they have seen it all before.

“They demand a product that works, but also one that is stimulating. For example, we’ve seen companies bring new music elements to engage with teenagers.

“This includes music streaming services partnering with beauty brands and recommending products based on consumer’s musical taste or playlists of just the right length for consumers to listen to while applying skin care.”

It also notes that fun retail experiences are crucial for this generation; 53% of UK AVIDs show interest in attending an event at a beauty retailer.

Another of Mintel’s Global Beauty Analyst’s Charlotte Libby said: “AVIDs’ beauty knowledge is still growing and their tastes are constantly changing, so they need guidance and expertise to help them navigate the beauty market.

“Brands that are able to take teenagers by the hand and help them in their journey of self-discovery can win these young consumers’ trust and earn their loyalty in the long run.”

Stimulating the senses

Research from the company has also found that AVIDs are more likely to buy products if they appeal to the senses.

Mintel found 64% of UK AVIDs are excited by beauty products that are ‘fun to use’, while 38% are interested in colour changing or texture changing products, and 28% like the idea of heat-activated products.

Generation AVIDs also like the idea of using vending machines for beauty products.

Libby added: “AVID consumers are, therefore, placing greater importance on the fun aspects of beauty, not only the appearance-altering ones, and are drawn to brands that offer creative, entertaining and multi sensory products and retail experiences.”