German consumers are not satisfied with online retail


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German consumers are not satisfied with online retail

German consumers are increasingly shopping online for BPC products. However, satisfaction with the online experience is low.

As a result, online improvements are likely to resonate, and connecting the online and offline experience will be important as stores remain influential in terms of what BPC products consumers buy.

A preference for value and standard mass-market BPC brands is unlikely to disappear and retailers need to embrace the appetite amongst German BPC consumers for brands that offer premium products at more affordable prices, with own-label innovation an opportunity to differentiate product assortment in a crowded market.

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"It would be wrong to suggest that the beauty and personal care retailers have had it easy in recent years, though the failure of Schlecker did give them breathing space. We think they have used it well, strengthening their chains and regaining for the sector all the market share that went with Schlecker. But competition is intensifying and that means that the next five years will be more challenging."