Get a step further with Cosmogen: Expertise, safety and sustainability

Published: 1-Mar-2021

Whatever the skin care or make-up formula you want to highlight, Cosmogen will offer you a differentiating choice of high-end packaging and application solutions, in response to beauty brands' and consumers' expectations: expertise, safety and sustainability.

Latest innovations


Cosmogen's flagship range, SQUEEZE'N - tube with applicator and patented on/off closure system - has been redesigned to:

  • Keep the applicator which is the added value of the product
  • Recycle the tube
  • Replace with a refill.

Tense removable:

Tube with removable applicator (zamak or ceramic) intended for the eye area - Keep the applicator which is the added value of the product - Recycle the tube - Replace with a refill.

Anti-bacterial SQUEEZE’N TINT:

This range blends a brush made of fibers that are treated with an anti-bacterial agent*, and SQUEEZE’N TINT & REFILL.

*The first built-in brush tube to contain an antibacterial agent that is proven to kill 3 bacteria:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Escherichia coli.

TINT’N REUSE: The first airless pump with a resuable brush:

TINT'N REUSE by Cosmogen is a new packaging concept offering innovative and efficient application gesture, while being designed to be reused. It allows to keep the brush and to replace only the airless pump bottle, once empty.

TNT'N REUSE protects the formula and avoids all finger/formula and finger/face contact. The formula is directly dispensed on the drop-shaped kabuki brush, then applied onto the face, before cleaning the brush after use. An efficient and elegant application solution for highlighter blush or foundation BB Cream.

PERLA, innovative brands of tottles with applicators for cosmetics brands

PERLA range stands out for its slender shape, its flexibility and its "velvet" touch. It is designed by Qualiform to perfectly fit with Cosmogen applicators, including SQUEEZE the patented ON / OFF rotary head system.

Thanks to the 3 available filling capacities (9, 15 and 30ml) and to the different applicators (flock, brush, spatula, ball etc), the range targets all care and makeup formulas.

The tottles are made of PEMD / ADFLEX, allowing to combine an optimal flexibility, a matte aspect, and a soft touch effect. PERLA can also be developed in PP, bio-based or PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials, thus promoting an eco-friendly approach.

Through their partnership, Qualiform and Cosmogen offer a customisable turnkey solution.

Dispensing solutions

A high-end line of spray and airless bottles, that is customisable, Ecocert certified and compliant with food standards.

All tubes can be made of PCR or/ biobased material.

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