Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz Brazil

A new botanical extract collection rooted in Brazilian biodiversity

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz Brazil, a new collection stemming from Brazil natural treasures, further promoting clean and natural beauty products.

Sustainability at the heart of the collection

The Brazilian forest is one of the biggest natural resources in the world. Its diversity of plant species is the largest on Earth with more than 75.000 types of trees and 150.000 species of higher plants in a square kilometre.

Called "lungs of the world", the amazon forest needs to be preserved. In a responsible and ethical approach following our “A Sense of Tomorrow” sustainability strategy, we have selected extracts with a sustainable supply from biodiversity, promoting science and innovation, while adding value to communities.

We offer integrated solutions for the supply of natural ingredients on an industrial scale with traceability and sustainability. At the same time, we promote sustainable agriculture and forest management through partners hips, contributing to the generation and diversification of income in rural and forest areas.

We also promote benefit sharing to support communities and families involved in the sustainable supply of raw materials from biodiversity.

A customer ready to go green

A 360° clean, natural and sustainable approach is requested by more and more consumers. Movement such as “forest bathing” shows that nature is on demand. Today, people are not looking for “free from” products, but actually for a positive vibe that natural and clean skincare products can give.

Globally, 52%1 of people take into consideration the ingredient origin and environmental impact when they buy personal care products and 92%1 of the respondents show interest in clean beauty concepts for skin care products.

RitualEssenz Brazil, the natural value

The collection features three new botanical extracts from Brazilian biodiversity:

  • RitualEssenz Brazilian Jambu from Sấo Paulo and Paraná areas can be seen as a natural Botox as it will act as local anaesthetic and mild muscle relaxant
  • RitualEssenz Brazilian Maté from the Santa Catarina and Paraná areas is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It can be ea sily used in skincare and haircare formulas
  • RitualEssenz Brazilian Guarana from Bahia is a high source of energy, a perfect ingredient to fight fatigue and uplift your mood.

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